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Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

All properties marketed for sale or let are now required to provide an EPC. The certificate shows two things; the energy efficiency rating (relating to running costs) and the environmental impact rating (relating to the carbon dioxide emissions) of a property. It is shown as coloured graphs similar to those found on domestic appliances. The rating is also accompanied by a recommendation report that shows how to improve the dwelling’s energy efficiency. Once an EPC is obtained, it is valid for 10 years for rented properties.

The EPC grades the property’s energy from A to G, with A being the highest rating. If you have a brand new property it’s likely to have a high rating, whereas an older property is likely to be around a D or E.
The EPC also gives energy-saving advice, including:

A qualified Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) has to be instructed before the property is marketed and the report has to be given to any potential applicant interested in the property. The EPC has to be obtained within seven days of the property being marketed. At Premier Lets and Sales we have a qualified in-house DEA who can offer advice on quick and easy low cost improvements, such as changing the bulbs for energy efficient bulbs or lagging the hot water cylinder, which can be done before the report is prepared to help increase the rating of the property.


Becoming a landlord can be a rewarding investment but it does not suit everyone. You need to be looking for a medium to long term investment and be willing to accept positive and negative fluctuations in the property market.

We hope you have found this guide comprehensive and interesting. The guide is written to give you the knowledge and confidence required to buy an investment property. We also hope you enjoy the experience, it can be great fun choosing and decorating a rental property, you may go on to buy more!

If you have decided that you would like to consider a buy to let investment, then we are here to help you – every step of the way.

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