Boats on seaford beach

5 Reason To Buy Beach Hut!

09 Mar, 2018

Five reasons to buy a beach hut…

1)  All your beach toys and equipment in the beach hut ready to go!   Simply leave it safely in your beach hut and use as and whebeacgh hut idean you like.

2)  BBQs on your raised decked terrace!   You and your family and friends can enjoy BBQs whilst watching the famous seaford sunset.

3) Need an excuse to go to the beach?  Well now you have one – your  beach hut is sure to make you venture down to the beach and enjoy your home from home.

4) When the sun is a bit to much or you simply fancy a lie down,  the beach hut is the perfect place to stay cool and maybe have a sneaky snooze!

5)  Get creative and make it your own – create a beautiful space inside your beach hut.   Get Grand Designs to film you do it!

Extra one for the boys…..

Friday night poker  – at the beach hut –  beer, food, big money!


Yes we are selling them, check out our website for more details on them.