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SELL -IT-YOURSELF – 5 Top Tips to Sell Your Home

25 Apr, 2018

SELL -IT-YOURSELF – 5 Top Tips to Sell Your Home

1) Prepare the house to the best it can be – clean, tidy and uncluttered plus put the fire and lamps on, open the patio doors, put out the garden seating, vases of flowers, etc depending on season.

2) Start with the most impressive rooms.

3) You know your home better than anyone – tell them any extra information about the house/area and why you loved living there and chose it.

4) Tell them of any improvements you have done and, if applicable, any potential still possible ie extensions, loft conversions etc

5) Most important – give the viewers plenty of time. Once you have showed them round, offer them the opportunity to walk around alone so they can discuss the house in private.


Please come in for a chat and join the many people that are becoming Sell-It-Yourselfers. Unlike online agents, we still have offices for you to pop into for advice and a chat.

SELL-IT-YOURSELF £995 including VAT – No Tie-In, No Sale-No Fee