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Premier Sales vs Online Agents

23 Feb, 2018

Premier Sales vs Online Agents

Our latest service Sell-It-Yourself  (you should all know this now!) was created to take the new concept of online selling and the best of traditional high street agents and make a perfect blend of both.

Through conducting market research, we asked what people loved and loathed about online and traditional estate agents.

We took this information and made what we believe to be a great product.



The findings we found:-

People want to save money (who doesn’t) but they do not like paying money upfront or even if their house doesn’t sell.

Circumstances can change.  If you do change your mind about selling, our research told us people do not want to be punished for doing so.

That is why we do not charge upfront or anytime if we don’t sell the property.   Only on completion.

People like coffee and to have a chat.  Unlike online agents, we still have offices.  People want to sit down, face-to-face to discuss their property.  Come in and see us for a chat, coffee, game of ping pong whenever you like!

People want and like doing their own viewings!   Many Sell-It -Yourselfers have said they have always done their own viewings with every house they have sold even when selling through traditional agents.

Open houses.    Everyone loves an open house so even as a Sell-It-Yourselfer you get a supervised open house arranged by us and included in the Sell-It-Yourself fee.    You can choose to be there or not!   Again our research showed people liked open houses when selling their home.

What happens if we sell the house on the open house?  Well, you would have just saved thousands and not done a single viewing!  Win, win.

Sounds too good to be true… this is the most common question we get!

It is true!    You no longer need to spend thousands selling your home plus you will receive the same service as a traditional agent bar the viewings!  Our Sell-It-Yourself  vendors come in very happy at the end of the sale (read our Google reviews)  and often get us presents but you don’t have to!



Everything is included – professional photos, full property description, board, Rightmove and Zoopla advertising, progression of the sale to completion


So when you next come to sell your home, be a Sell-It-Yourselfer!



SELL-IT-YOURSELF  £995.00 including VAT

No Sale, No Fee

No Upfront Costs

No Tie-In

Why Pay More?